Mobile Radio Networks

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Wireless Networks (10 credits) includes two courses (5 credits each):

- Mobile Radio Networks (This page)

- Wireless Internet (see prof. Redondi page)



[05/04/19]New tool and slides on Radio Planning

[01/04/19]Updated slides for Exercises part 2 (Resource Management)

[19/03/19]Updated slides for Exercises part 1 (Cell dimensioning) 

[15/03/19]Updated slides for part 3 (Resource management) and the appendix on traffic theory have been posted (see below)

[09/02/19] Results of the exam (31/01/2019) can be found HERE. If you want to check your exam or take an oral exam, you can come to my office (Dean's office, building 2, next to room N.0.1) on Tuesday February 12th at 2:00pm-3pm.

[30/04/18] Data set for network analysis added (download HERE)

[05/06/18] 5G Seminar slides available (download HERE




Results exams: exam file (updated with exam on June 16, 2017) 




  1. The exam is mainly written. 
  2. During the written exam printouts of teaching material used during lectures cannot be used.


Teaching Material

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Seminar slides on Optimization

The two sets of slides can be found here and here.
They are password protected, the password is the code of the Wireless Networks (10 credits) course. 
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Suggested readings: MRN

Performance of radio access networks

Radio planning








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Suggested readings: WI



Basic readings

Advanced readings



Basic readings

Advanced readings



Basic readings


Accesso multiplo

Basic readings


Reti ad-hoc

Mobile IP


Basic readings:

Advanced readings:

TCP on wireless