Planning and Resource Management Models in Wireless Networks

PhD Course

Mission and goals

This course analyzes the most important techniques for discrete modeling of wireless networks available in literature. Technical issues and modeling impact on the outcomes are discussed for each considered aspect. The goal is to provide the students with a cutting-edge knowledge on the potential of the discrete modeling for wireless networks, in terms both of available techniques and of suitability for the desired application.

Course Material

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Wireless Network Planning
  3. Wireless Mesh Networks: Planning Wireless Backbone
  4. Networks for sensing
  5. Resource Management in Wireless Networks
  6. Competitive Spectrum Sharing


  • Jan 26th 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 1st 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 2nd 1pm-4pm
  • Feb 9th 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 14th 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 16th 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 23rd 2pm-5pm
  • Feb 28th 2pm-5pm
  • Mar 2nd 2pm-5pm

About 25 hours of lesson are expected.

Other information

PDFs of the lectures will be uploaded, together with articles and links to useful websites. The evaluation will consist in a short seminar at the end of the course based on the discussion of scientific papers assigned by/agreed with the instructor. Alternatively, a short research-oriented project can be discussed as well.